The EB-5 investor visa is one of the fastest ways to get a Green Card, where eligible immigrants become lawful permanent residents by investing at least $500,000 (reduced from $900,000) in a business or a private medical practice in the U.S. that must provide jobs to at least 10 American workers. EB5 Doctors Group helps doctors & dentists obtain a coveted piece of American life by investing only $100,000*.

Why Work With EB5 Doctors Group?

The EB-5 Visa application is a complex process. It is important to find a qualified and experienced team to help you through the entire process.

EB5 Doctors Group has experience in assisting doctors and dentists in establishing their practices and helping them get green cards with 100% approval rates. Our team of business planners, professional immigration attorneys, business attorneys, and consultants will work with you to achieve your dream.

Our program is designed to assist you with all aspects throughout the journey. From pre-immigration consulting to filling your application with USCIS and starting a private practice.

The top 6 benefits of working with an EB5 doctors group.


1. Vetted Investors To Help Fund Your Private Practice

EB5 Doctors Group has a unique opportunity for you! The $500,000 capital amount is no longer the only way to get started with your EB-5 Visa process. At EB5 Doctors Group, we have vetted some of the verified investors including MSOs, DSOs, and private equities who will provide you the capital funding to meet the $500,000 capital investment requirement. It means you can start your clinic with as little as $100,000 investment*.

2. Equity in The Practice

There are many MSOs and DSOs in the market with constraints of not helping with EB-5 Green Card and low to no equity offering for you. EB5 Doctors Group will partner you with trusted and reliable MSOs and DSOs where you will have equity in your practice from day one.

3. Higher Earning Potential

An additional benefit to making an EB5 direct investment is the unlimited earning potential. There is no limit to how much you can make, just like any entrepreneurial venture or start-up. Your initial investment of $100,000 can yield a very high return in just a few years. The rest of the required amount will be funded by our sponsors. We aim to provide a platform to expand and grow the practice with high potential.

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4. Get Green Card in 2-3 Years

It all starts with partnering you with the investors who are ready to turn your dream into a reality. The next step in the EB-5 visa application process is to get a two years conditional green card and start building your practice. EB-5 investors are eligible to become U.S. residents once their I-526 petition has been approved by USCIS. Getting this approved takes time. Our team will help in fast-tracking this process with the assistance of immigration lawyers. We will help you get your green in 2-3 years.

5. Simplify Application Process

The EB-5 visa program consists of many complexities. We have a team of qualified and professional EB-5 Visa consultants who will guide you throughout the visa application process in the best possible manner. Our team will help you throughout the process of getting your green card starting from finding the best investor, DSOs, MSOs, Immigration Attorneys, Business planners, etc to helping you get settled in the USA.

6. More Control

EB-5 direct investments offer more control and decision-making power on your new practice. You have the opportunity to be as involved as you want in the branding and management of your practice. You will have the freedom to choose everything from location, design, interior, etc to patients and procedures.

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For many doctors, dentists, and other medical professionals the thought of starting their own practice can be daunting. However, with help from our team, you can set up your own business in just a few months! There are multiple factors to consider when setting up an office including location, equipment costs, and more which is why EB5 Doctors Group offers personalized consultations so that you don’t have to worry about any of it. Along with business set-up consultation, we will also provide legal consulting services for your EB-5 green card application. For further assistance book a free consultation call today.

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