Our Story

Many Doctors or Dentists have extensive debt as a result of medical or dental school, which makes it a little harder to start private practice. There are many hardworking, professional, innovative doctors and dentists just waiting for their American dream to come true. When you decide to start a private practice, you need more than a medical degree; you also need an entrepreneurial drive.
We’ve started this company as a mission that connects Dentists and Doctors with experienced investors and practice builders to provide the tools and processes for efficient and profitable business, so that you can focus more on the patients and the clients who pay for the services.
For the past 12 years, we have partnered with several doctors, dentists and veterinarians helping them establish their practice and acquiring their green card with 100% approval rate.

How are we different?

It all starts by partnering you with quality investors and practice developers who are ready to turn your dream into a reality. Each investor is thoroughly vetted by our team, ensuring you are matched with only the best of the best. With our investors onboard, doctors do not have to wait to secure the capital amount of $500,000, in fact, you can start the process with an amount as low as $100,000*.

We utilize our experience to help you navigate this unique opportunity to gain citizenship in the US.Not only that, but our team assists in setting up a successful practice that will prosper for decades to come.

Ready to take the first step?

Learn how you can start your EB5 process with a small investment as
low as $100K*, by booking a discovery call with us today!