What is the total capital investment needed for EB-5 Visa?

As per USCIS, EB-5 Investor is required to invest:

Targeted Employment Area (TEA)  – $800K

Non-Targeted Employment Area (TEA) – $1.05M

Can I apply for EB-5 Visa if I don't have $800K at the moment?

Yes, EB5 Doctors Group has partnered with DSO/MSO and they will provide a loan of up to $600K for your EB-5 Investment project.

How will the loan be structured?

The capital required for EB-5 Visa Investment could be: 

  1. a) Secured Loan- Against the assets in the US or overseas as collateral. 
  2. b) Unsecured Loan
How much ownership will I have in the practice?

EB-5 Investor can have up to 50% equity in the practice if working with the DSO/MSO.

Can I have more than 50% equity in the office?

Most of the DSOs/MSOs would prefer the majority stake in the practice. You can negotiate with our partner DSO/MSO for the terms and conditions of the partnership.

What is the timeline to obtain the EB-5 Green Card?

Processing time varies but typically EB-5 investors/applicants can get a conditional green card in 2-3 years followed by an unconditional green card after 2 more years. You can check the current processing time here.

If both spouses are Doctors/Dentists, can both work in the same practice?

Yes, it is possible for the spouses to work in the same practice.

How long do I have to work at the office?

It is advised to work in the same EB-5 project/practice until you secure the unconditional Green Card.

I am on H1B/H4EAD can I apply for EB-5 Green Card?

Yes, Most of our clients are on H1B and H4EAD when they start their Green Card journey.

I am on H1B currently, Can I own the practice?

We work with immigration attorneys who have helped our clients in the past to facilitate this setup. So it’s possible to own the practice while on H1B.

How much do EB5 Doctors Group charge?

Our fee is $25,000 which is broken down into 3 milestones

In which state can I open the practice?

That will be a mutual decision between you (EB-5 Investor) and the DSO/MSO.

Which DSO/MSO EB5 Doctors work with?

We primarily work with small regional DSO/MSOs as they offer more flexibility.

Will it be a new practice?

Yes, the practice will be new. EB-5 program requirement is to invest in a New Commercial Enterprise (NCE).

I am from India on H1B visa. Where are your clients from?

Most of our clients are on H1B or H4EAD visas from India and China. The good news for Indian investors is that the Green Card priority date for India is current.

When do my Investment Funds Need to be Invested?

At the time of I-526 filing, you must show that you have invested or are actively in the process of investing your investment funds.

Can you provide any references/testimonials?

Visit www.eb5doctors.com for testimonials and we can also share the contact information of our happy clients at the beginning of our discussions.

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