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It’s Official, Regional Centers (RCs) are back, and along with it the volume of new EB-5 Petitions will rise too. The vertiginous modification to the RC reauthorization policies backed by a recent court order signifies the position of EB-5 among the other Employment Based Visas as it was always considered a steadfast pathway towards a green card; not only for doctors but also for most white-collar professionals and investors.One among the main reason for that is, a direct EB5 investment visa ensures the quickest pathway towards obtaining a green card. Not surprisingly, therefore a multitude of investors are presently hoping that the changes in the settings won’t push their petitions to a backlog, especially the Indians. The enthusing news for these investors is that the Immigrant investor program offers three different categories of Targeted Employment Areas (TEAs) investments that can potentially grant them a green card with the specially reserved quota.


How cutoff dates are making the investors prepare for an alternative. 


The priority date for an I-526 application assigned to a petitioner decides the course of action of the application, especially for the investors from countries like India which are highly likely to get backlogged. When the total count of applications exceeds the overall worldwide limit of 10,000 per fiscal year, the State Department (DOS) which is responsible for the nation’s foreign policy and international relations will issue a cutoff date.


The applications which have the priority date falling before the cutoff will be processed and the ones which have the priority date after the cutoff date will be moved to the waiting list. Countries with more applications often exceed the quota assigned which results in the cutoff of the applications with an uncertain waiting period. 


Benefits – How TEA Reservations can rescue the investors from the waiting list 


There is no greater way to boost the economic growth of a country through immigrant investments in the underserved areas. TEAs ensure the collective corpus from the investors is redirected towards massive job creation and in turn, drive economic growth. Furthermore, the Minimum investment in TEA is $800,000, which differs greatly from the standard minimum investment figure of $1,050,000 of the EB-5 Visa.

32% of the total allocated EB-5 visa will be reserved for the TEA Projects. This reform offer expedited visa processing and better assurance on the petition approval



The reserved visas address an investor’s concern about avoiding backlogs and cutoffs since most countries don’t exceed the yearly allocation of the visas. Hence the applicants who choose to invest in any reserved programs can avail the advantage of faster I-526 form approval than their counterparts. However, there is no denying that these reservations too might get flooded with applications from the countries which tend to get backlogged sooner or later.


Regional centers or Direct investment. 

There are hundreds of approved regional centers in the USA but only a few managed to successfully handle the financing. It is highly likely that a majority of these establishments will face serious issues down the road. That is why most experts are suggesting EB5 direct investment. Certainly, the investors will have to make some heavy investments to meet the requirements but indeed it will pay off with the help of the right guidance and resources.

The redundant 

EB5 Doctors is a EB-5 Visa concierge service. We support our clients with all-around components to set up and successfully filing the EB-5 Visa  and our partner DSO/MSO will help run the clinic along with investment support, business planning, business setup, etc.

With us, the a Doctor can apply for EB-5 Visa with just $200K instead of investing $800K.


Start your Own Clinic in a TEA zone with Direct Investment and get the green card faster.


Most of the TEA zones coincide with the medically underserved areas which qualifies the Doctor to file for expedite approval that reduce the processing time even further.



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